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Suicide And Protecting Our Kids

Dear Life Coach Lynn, Suicide, and this article on it, was in the news recently, and has raised a lot of conversations in our social group of parents. What do you think? "An 8 year-old-boy in Texas tried to commit suicide after his teacher did nothing about the bad bullying he faced every day. The school’s response: have him sign a ‘no suicide’ agreement. Apparently this is standard procedure in this particular school district. Any student who tries to harm him/herself has to sign it. This kid, however, is in second-grade and is dyslexic. Would you ask your child to sign a...

It’s Almost Summer Vacation…

...when unsuspecting parents enjoy their children being home...hmmm...

It’s Monday Baby….

The Funnies The Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, while visiting a grade school class, found themselves in the middle of a discussion related to words and their meaning. The teacher asked both men if they would like to lead the discussion of the word "tragedy." Reverend Jackson asks the class for an example of a "tragedy." One little boy stood up and offered, "If my best friend who lives on a farm is playing in the field and a runaway tractor comes along and, runs over him and kills him dead, that would be a tragedy." "No," says the Rev. Jesse Jackson, "That would be an...

Enjoy Your Weekend!

Long May 24 Weekend in Canada, the fun never ends!

What A Lady Drinks….And More?

A Lady Drinks What? A lady drinks, generally, something a little more sophisticated or classy, compared to what a guy drinks. It's more about style when it comes to what ladies drink. With wine being the drink of choice here, red or white. There is no favoritism when it comes to wine. All a matter of preference. And unless they know you well, a lady drinks white wine as it doesn't stain the teeth or ruin your cloths if it happens to spill. A ladies drink also tends to be a little more colorful and flavorful. Cocktails and martinis are a close second to the wine. Having more alcohol...

Google Knows Everything

Even Why You Can't Own A Canadian...hmmm...

Fun From The Drink Guy!!

Having Second Thoughts About Hiking and Biking!

It’s Monday People…

Funnies Mildred, the church gossip and self appointed monitor of the town morals, kept putting her nose in other people's business, but the church flock feared her enough to keep silent. She made a mistake when she accused Mad Dog, a new church member, of being a woman chaser and alcoholic after she saw his old Harley parked in front of the town's only bar. She told Mad Dog, and others, that seeing it there only proves what he is doing. Mad Dog, a man of few words, stared at her , then turned and walked away. He didn't defend, or deny. Later that night, Mad Dog quietly parked his...

Go Crazy On Mothers Day!!

If You Are Not Already There!!

Mom Is Always Right!

And Just In Case Anyone Is Confused...Mom Is Always Right!

Escape Reality on Mothers Day!

Hmm...Easier Said Than Done!

Phuk Dup….

All in the Name of Love Alcohol Does Aid Sex: Australian researchers found that a good, stiff drink actually improves a man's prowess in the bedroom. According to the study, men who consumed up to twenty drinks a week spread over five days had the fewest sexual problems. Those who drank on the weekends only, still had an advantage over men who drank only one day a week or drank none at all. The worst performing group was made up of former heavy drinkers that had stopped drinking altogether. See ladies, we do it for you! Here's A Visual A drunk man pulled his pants down and...


Happy Mothers Day to All the Super Moms!

Enjoy Your Weekend!

And Make Wise Decisions...Or Bring Post Its.

Vancouver Nightlife!

Vancouver Nightlife, Hitting the Town! Vancouver! One of Canada's premier cities, filled with culture, beauty and fun! And apparently, nightlife! According to popular opinion, Vancouver ranks third, after Toronto and Montreal, in the top Canadian cities for the club scene. Now, I know for some people around the world, the phrase "Canadian Club Scene" seems almost an oxymoron. Yet, contrary to the sometimes frozen hick image the world has, Canadians know how to have a great time, and enjoy some of the most amazing nightlife outside of Las Vegas and Miami! Sporting a culturally...

Friday Funnies!

Fun To Kick Off Your Friday! Dumb Criminals, Mistaken Arrest Reports And Stubborn Ducks...Can The World Get Any More Ridiculous?!

Thursday!! It’s Thursday!!!

Ahhh...stay in bed, a grand idea!

Mother’s Day Celebrations Around the World

Mother's Day celebrations can trace roots all the way back to the ancient Greeks and ancient Romans, and although the majority of countries celebrate this holiday on the second Sunday in May, there are celebrations for Mom's from early February until early December...I guess Mom's don't like January! The ancient Greeks celebrated Cybele, AKA "Earth Mother", whose priestesses apparently led her people to celebrate with wild music, drumming, dancing, and drinking...sounds a little more exciting than our North American celebrations! In Africa there are apparently many festivals and events...
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