Great drinks can bring life to an otherwise boring party! They come in an endless number of combinations from Cocktails and Martinis, to Frozen Drinks, Margaritas and the 'one shot wonder', Shooters. We also have the after dinner Hot Drinks and Wine or Beer.  And for the really brave, there are Flaming Drinks, which are guaranteed to liven up any party. The list just keeps growing, with new recipes being added weekly.  If you don't have the proper ingredients, improvise.  All recipes can be modified by adjusting ingredients to suit ones own taste.  Your idea of the perfect Orange Liqueur, might not be the same as someone else's. So have a look, there is more than enough to please even the toughest critics.
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Where's the watermelon??

Whisky Maple Nog

More of a Christmas thing!

Woo Woo Shooter

White Dragon



Why Not 2


White Way Cocktail

White Rose

Warsaw at Night...

Wobbling Zombie

Whispers of the...


Not crying over this one.

Wassail Bowl

Washington Cocktail

Whiskey Sour 3

Another Sour.

Whiskey Sling

Whiskey Sangaree

Whiskey Rickey

Whiskey Milk Punch

Whiskey Fix

Whiskey Daisy

Whiskey Cooler

Whiskey Collins

John Collins!!

Whiskey Cocktail

Ward Eight



Woman Warrior

White Spider

Looks like a Stinger to me.


Waikiki Beachcomber

White Lion 2

That's 3.

White Lady

Wedding Bells

Not sure if this is before, after or during the wedding.

Waterbury Cocktail

Woo Woo Martini

Wise Elderflower...

What is that Martini

Wembly Martini

Warsaw Martini

Waikiki Martini

White Lion

Walking Zombie

Walk Tall!

Why Not

Put ice in a cocktail shaker and splash lemon juice over them.  Combine ingredients and STIR. Strain into...

Wedding Belle

Walk Tall

Just like OJ.

Wavy Hill

Waldorf Cocktail

Whiskey Sour 2

Add soda and you have a Collins.

White Cape Codder

Hot summer on Cape Cod.

White Knightley

Anna Karenina.

Warm Cheesy Salsa...

The cream cheese gives this a bit of a sweet tangy taste you don't have in most salsa dips. Pick a salsa you...

Wiki Waki Woo

Another crazy one!

White Lion Cocktail

King of the jungle.

White Lily Cocktail

Too many of these will make your toes curl.

West Coast Wet One

From my buddy, Scotty "the bartender" Martin

White Russian

A Black Russian with milk.

Warm Pizza Dip...

Whiskey Sour

Ahh, Bourbon.

Winter Warmer...

Great Winter Drink!

Wicked Stepmother

Definitely Wicked!!!

Warm Cheesy Salsa...

The cream cheese gives this a bit of a sweet tangy taste you don't have in most salsa dips. Pick a salsa you...
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