Generally, a Cocktail is a drink made up of a few different ingredients combined together to form one. There is no limit on how much, or how little is added as long as it appeals to the masses.

Originally, a Cocktail was a mixture of spirits, sugar, water and bitters. It has gradually come to mean any drink containing alcohol.

Served in a Highball, Collins, Old Fashioned, Rocks, or a Martini glass

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Lemon-Coconut Colada

Look Out Below

Lover’s Kiss

Limoncello Sunrise

La Bomba 2

Liquorice Whiskey...

This sounds awesome!

Long Gone

Lucky Apple

Laughing Water

Very Cool!

Last Word

Lone Tree Cocktail

London French 75

London Cocktail

Little Devil

Leap Year Cocktail

Leap Frog Highball

Lady Finger

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