Ahh, James Bond would be proud of these Martinis. The original was Gin and Dry Vermouth, with the Vodka version originally called a “Vesper.”

Without these ingredients, it’s generally a Cocktail in a Martini glass.

Usually, Martinis are shaken, or stirred, with ice and strained into a glass. Drink fast, as there is no ice, they warm up quickly.

Served in a Martini Glass

226 Martinis recipes
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French Martini 2

Dreamy Dorini...



Blood Orange Gin...

Chocolate Martini 4


Tequila Martini

Delmonico Martini

Mocha Martini


Cool Yule Martini

Chocolate Orange...

Only one, of many ways to make this!

Chocolate Martini 3

Chocolate Banana...

Boardwalk Martini

Black and White...

Apple Martini 3

Apple Martini 2

Orange Scorpion...

Bellini Martini

Legend Martini

Modern Martini

Try Kiwi, cranberry, pear and watermelon.

Topaz Martini

Sapphire Martini

Pontberry Martini

Hazelnut Martini

Blood Martini

Breakfast Martini

They'll put anything in a drink!

Azure Martini

Sake Martini

French Martini

Zippy Martini

Xena Martini

Woo Woo Martini

Wise Elderflower...

What is that Martini

Wembly Martini

Warsaw Martini

Waikiki Martini

Valencia Martini


Turf Martini

Truffle Martini

Tootsie Roll Martini

Third Degree Martini

Sweetie Martini

Sweet Martini

Pumpkin Martini

Sweet and Spicy...

Springtime Martini

Spiced Treat Martini

Spice it Up...

Great for Valentines.

Soviet Martini

Sour Apple Martini

Yup! It's Sour.

Southern Martini

Sloe Gin Martini

Slow and Steady.

Secret Martini

Russian Martini

Rum Martini

Ruby’s Red...

Road Runner Martini

Resolution Martini

Renaissance Martini

Red Dog Martini

For all you Dogs, you know who you are!

Queen Elizabeth...

Quarterdeck Martini

Princess Elizabeth...

So wrong!

Prince Edward...

Pretty Martini

Pompano Martini

Plaza Martini

Another one!

Pomegranate Martini

Pear Martini

Citrus Martini

Cherry Martini

Raspberry Martini

Thick in consistency.

Ultimate Martini

Only the finest will do!


Smoky Martini

Classic Vodka...

Classic Gin Martini

Pink Gin Martini

Picadilly Martini

Persephone Martini

Perfect Martini


Peppermint Martini


Peachy Martini

Peach Blossom...

Park Avenue Martini

Parisian Martini

Parrothead Martini

What parrot?

Palm Beach Martini

Pall Mall Martini

Named after cigarettes?

Paisley Martini

Oyster Martini

Orange Martini

Orange juice not needed!

Opera Martini

Opal Martini

Old Country Martini

A 'Nightmare' with Vodka.

Nutty Martini

Northern Lights...

New Orleans Martini

Bring some beads!

Naked Martini

Really, Just called it a 'Triple Shot of Gin'!

Mocha Blanca Martini

Martini Navratilova

Martini Milano

Maritime Martini

Mama’s Martini

Lychee Martini

Low Tide Martini

London Martini

Lemon Drop Martini

Leap Year Martini


Kiwi Kiss Martini

Key Lime Pie Martini

Liquid pie.

Journalist Martini



Jamie's crying!

James Bond Martini

Really has nothing to do with 007.

Jamaican Martini

They do it best in Jamaica.

Jack London Martini

Island Martini

Irish Martini

In and Out Martini

In and Out refers to how the Vermouth is used.

Imperial Martini

Ideal Martini

Hot Mama Martini

Hot and Dirty...

Loving this one.

Honeydew Martini

Oh honeydew.

Homestead Martini

Hollywood Martini

Only in Hollywood can you have a drink with Gold Flakes.

Hoffman House...

Hasty Martini

Gypsy Martini

Exactly the same as 'GIN and IT'.

Gumdrop Martini

Green Martini


Great Caesar's Ghost!

Golf Martini

Golf anyone?

Ginger Snap Martini

All about the ginger.

Golden Delicious...

Gilroy Martini

Vodka from Poland.

Fuzzy Martini

Frozen Martini

A little different.

Frosty Mango Martini


Try a Vodka Gibson.


Try the Gin.

Rum Martini

Love Spiced Rum.

Fretful Martini

Blue by you.


For the sweeter side in all of us.

Bitter Cosmopolitan

Hmm, not so bitter.

Rude Cosmopolitan

This is up for debate.

Ginger Cosmopolitan

A little added flavor.

Classic Cosmopolitan

The one and only.

Fino Martini 2

What`s your pleasure.

Fino Martini

Fine by Me.

Fifty Fifty Vodka...

50 50 part 2.

Fifty Fifty Martini

Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and STIR.  Strain into a chilled Martini glass. Garnish...

Festival Espresso...

This will Wake you up!

FDR’S Martini

FDR`S dirty little secret.


Let`s get dirty.

Fare Thee Well...

Should be called, Good Night.

Extra Dry Vodka...

Pucker up!

Emerald Martini

Eat My Martini

The buzz is!!

Double Fudge Martini

Black Russian with chocolate.

Dirty Vodka Martini

Dirty times two!

Dirty Martini 2

Dirty Minds!

Desperate Martini

Desperate times!

Delicious Martini

As the name says!

Deep Sea Martini

Let's go fishin!

Daydream Martini

Dreams of a sandy beach.

Danish Martini

Iron stomach needed for this one.

Cuban Martini

Great with a Cohiba.

Crimson Martini

Oh so Red!

Crime of Passion...

This will light a fire!


Martini or cocktail?

Colony Club Martini

Let's get together.

Cold Comfort Martini

Great when your 'a little under the weather'.

Coffee Lovers...

For true coffee lover's.

Citrus Martini

Three citrus flavors.

Church Lady Martini

Only on Sundays.

Churchill Martini

Now that's DRY!!

Christmas Martini

That yuletide spirit.

Chocolate Martini 2

So easy, yet so good!!

Chocolate Crush...

A liquid orange creme truffle.

Caribou Martini

Great for breakfast.

Campari Martini

Herbal aroma with a touch of citrus.

California Martini

California or Bust!

Cajun Martini

Oh so hot!

Buckeye Martini

Should be called a black eye.

Broadway Martini


Blue on Blue Martini

Quite the surprise.

Blue Moon Martini

Blue Moon!!!

Black and White...

A little grey around the edges.



Babyface Martini


Armada Martini

So simple.

Apple Pie Martini

Just like mom used to make.

Absolute Martini

Almost a Margarita.


The one and only.

Grape Berry Martini

A twist on the Crantini.

Deal Maker

Let's make a deal!

Cullen Kiss Martini

A kiss is worth a thousand words.

Vampire Martini

Halloween is coming.


Will warm your insides.


Enjoy this Earth Day cocktail...think Green!

Polar Cap

A little wine with that?

Strawberry Blonde...

Why was the blondes' belly button sore? Because her boyfriend was blonde too.

Italian Sunrise

From my buddy, Scotty "the bartender" Martin

Freshly Imported

From my buddy, Scotty "the bartender" Martin

West Coast Wet One

From my buddy, Scotty "the bartender" Martin


From my buddy, Scotty "the bartender" Martin

Buffalo Bill

With thanks from my buddy, Scotty "the bartender" Martin

Jade Martini

Love this one.

Vodka Martini

So sophisticated.


Martini or Margarita?

RasChocolate Martini

Pomegranate Martini

So good for you!

Dirty Martini

Very Dirty!


Sweet Martini.

Chocolate Martini

Chocolate in taste only.

Bourbon Ball Martini

Great for parties!!

Bourbon and Cream...

What an awesome drink!

Apple Martini

An apple a day...
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