Wine is a popular drink of choice, especially for the ladies. Whether you have a discerning palette or just enjoy an occasional glass, wine can add a certain flair to any cocktail.

There are many wine choices and pairing with the proper glassware and food enhances the experience.

Lately, Wine is being introduced into more and more cocktails. It worked for the Mimosa and Sangria, so I guess people figured what the hell.

Give them a try, and I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

142 Wine recipes
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American Rose


Wedding Belle

Soho Kiss

Royal Roost

Royally Fucked!

Nolita Night Owl...

Lights out for everyone.


Laugh no more.

Cosmo Royale

Fizzy twist to a great drink.

Iced Pear Sparkle

I love Pears!

Hollywood Hustle

This will get you going!

Royal Gin Fizz

An offshoot of the Gin fizz.

Apricot Royale

Royalty is served.

James Bond

Not sure where it came from!


The big city.

French 75

Add Gin, lemon juice and simple syrup* to a cocktail shaker with ice and shake. Strain into a Champagne...

Kir Royale


Black Velvet

Velvety smooth.

Champagne Julep

Champagne Mojito.

Blood Orange and...

Very Bitter.


Good take on the Bellini.

Perfect Bellini

The One and Only!

Ginger Champagne

For sophisticated drinkers.

Champagne Cocktail



Flirting is always fun.

Chocolate Cherry...

Could drink this all day.

Caribou Martini

Great for breakfast.

California Martini

California or Bust!

Au Courant Black...

Love Black Currants.


A drink everyone will love!!

American Beauty...

A little sophisticated.

Apricot Cream Spritz

Great for the morning after.

Julie’s Red...

Love our Fans!

Polar Cap

A little wine with that?

Earth Angel Sangria

For all ages.
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