Welcome to The Drink Guy, your neighborhood bar online!

Our humble beginnings will include stories and experiences from Glenn, The Drink Guy himself!  Glenn is a 20+ year veteran of the restaurant and bartending industry. He will also share favourite drink recipes, jokes and interesting trivia, beverage recommendations and suggestions for entertaining at home!

The Drink Guy

Of course, that’s not all you will get from The Drink Guy! In our “Don’t Cry in Your Beer!” section, you can ask life questions of our bartender AND our life coach…enjoy the fun and potential fireworks as 20 years behind the bar competes with 20 years of training in personal and professional development!

Don’t cry in your beer if you have an issue, share it with us! You’ll get the thoughts of our Drink Guy Glenn, who sees and hears it all behind the bar, and our Life Coach Lynn, Lifecoach Lynn …who has studied and trained and worked in the coaching industry, mentoring people through-out North America and even into Europe…Regis and Kelly will have nothing on these two!

And yet, that is still not all we have to offer! You will be enjoying guest posts, such as tips and tricks from a master home brewer, fun signs and jokes from the bar, the silliness that Lynn has fun creating on her computer, (note fun pictures below lol!) and much more, in our special segment “Secrets from the Tiki Bar”!

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So enjoy, share us with your friends, send us your questions or share your favorite drink recipes…we look forward to hearing from you!


The Drink Guy Team!

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