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Check out our next segment in the article series "Building Your Perfect Home Bar". The Perfect Home Bar: Step One, Location! Also enjoy some new drink recipes from Glenn, like the Irish Car Bomb, Prairie Fire, Bloody Ceasar, B52, and The Stinger!

The Perfect Home Bar…

It always amazes me how much the presence of a home bar draws people. Despite the fact that I spend my days working behind one, when I arrive at someone's home for a social event, I am always pleasantly surprised if they have a home bar set up, and immediately feel the need to check it out. As I make my way over for a much needed drink, I reflect on what my ideal home bar set up would be.  A bar is always the center piece of any party or get together, as this is where the masses will gather for conversation and the all important, “grab a drink”. Whether simple or complex, a bar...