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The Bartender and The Life Coach are back…Episode 2: TDG TV

Well it seems that we are not quite over the question first raised in our video advice column,  Episode 1 of TDG TV...thus we revisit the topic in Episode 2! The controversy between the bartender and the life coach rages on! Since the topic seems to create strong emotions in MANY people lol, we decided that a moderator was prudent! (Make sure to watch TDG TV Episode 1 first!) Since Glenn the bartender is too busy watching Harry Potter on the TV to help or monitor me, the life coach, it seems I can write whatever I want.  Although Glenn is just a bartender he is usually right as...

What to do when a girl is being hit on? Episode 1: The Drink Guy TV

Welcome to Episode 1 of The Drink Guy TV! We are very excited at The Drink Guy to bring you this episode, where Glenn The Drink Guy and Lynn the Life Coach discuss a situation that arose the evening before at the bar. The situation occurred when a woman was sitting alone at the bar, waiting for a friend who was very late. While she was waiting a man repeatedly attempted to engage her in conversation, asked her for her phone number, and basically refused to take "No" for an answer. The question we are discussing is, at what point is it the responsibility of the establishment to step in,...
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