The Bartender and The Life Coach are back…Episode 2: TDG TV

Well it seems that we are not quite over the question first raised in our video advice column,  Episode 1 of TDG TV…thus we revisit the topic in Episode 2! The controversy between the bartender and the life coach rages on! Since the topic seems to create strong emotions in MANY people lol, we decided that a moderator was prudent! (Make sure to watch TDG TV Episode 1 first!)

Since Glenn the bartender is too busy watching Harry Potter on the TV to help or monitor me, the life coach, it seems I can write whatever I want.  Although Glenn is just a bartender he is usually right as demonstrated in the video. (The last sentence was, obviously, typed by Glenn, who all of a sudden decided to pay attention!)

Live and learn, or in our case, record episode 1, leave out details, create controversy, then have to go back to the subject for Episode 2! So back we go, but let’s make sure our details that seem pertinent to the comments but were unclear in Round 1 are clarified in Round 2.

First, the “gentleman” in question was drinking, but not intoxicated. Second, the lady was a regular, so quite comfortable in the bar and with the staff. Third, we have learned the hard way that everyone has a different definition of what is harassment, hassling, or just annoying…

So, because we want to do right by our TDG TV fans, and because people have demonstrated that they are passionate about this question, we have recorded Round 2! We appreciate all the comments, from the ones on this site to the FaceBook Drink Guy Fan Page ones, even to us directly on email!

So the questions that we feel are the most pertinent at this point are 1) How much is too much? What do you think crosses the line between bothersome to annoying to hassling to harassing? And 2) What responsibility, legally, morally, ethically does the establishment have, and what is the right answer from a “smart business” perspective?

So, Ding Ding, let Round 2 of our video advice column begin!