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Turbulence Ahead? To Fly and Drink

Most think of the glory days of airline travel having long gone. However, there are those of us that still try to adhere to the past and those “days gone by”. I’m one of them if you haven’t already figured that out.

Mocktails: Vancouvers’ Newest Addition To The Non-Alcoholic Beverage Scene

Mocktails: Vancouvers’ newest addition to the Non-Alcoholic beverage scene.

Beer and Bon Voyage: Our travel and tourism Review of Batch 44 Brewery Along Beautiful British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast

Beer and Bon Voyage: Is our travel and tourism review of Batch 44 Brewery in beautiful British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast.

Negroni, The Italian Influenced Refreshing Aperitif

Negroni is a cocktail, made of equal parts gin, usually sweet vermouth, and Campari. Campari being the key ingredient with its distinct, almost medicinal flavour, that is mellowed, but strengthened with the addition of the other two ingredients. Not a weakened flavour by any means. Think of it as 1/3, plus 1/3, plus 1/3, to make that whole, and you’ll never go wrong. My first memories of Campari was of my Danish cousin drinking it mixed with soda water in Copenhagen to settle her stomach and aid in her digestion. Yes, Campari is considered a stomach bitter, a...

Sam’s Straws Biodegrable Wheat Straws

Sam’s Straws, is an all-Natural and Disposable, Eco-friendly Drinking Accessory, Premium Beverage Straws Set for Parties, BBQ’s and Bar Use. In my journeys around the world, both in person and online, I’m always doing so with the intention of looking for new things to review and bring to the masses. Ok, so maybe it’s not my intention, but just something I love to do, especially if it’s something worth letting folks in on. It just so happens that I quite literally stumbled upon a link to Sam Fricker, an Australian Olympic Diver, who competed in the Japan Olympic Games 2021....

The Liberty Distillery

The Liberty Distillery is an artisan style local Vancouver award winning distillery that boasts handcrafted, traditional spirits. I was finally able to visit their old world, blended with new world, sampling show room in the heart of Granville Island, local tourist destination over this past holiday season. Glad I did! Granville Island is situated under the Granville Street Bridge, some would say centrally located, some not. I find it easily accessible on foot, transportation, or by car. Parking however is a challenge in this rather busy spot, so I would suggest leaving the car at...
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