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Negroni, The Italian Influenced Refreshing Aperitif

Negroni is a cocktail, made of equal parts gin, usually sweet vermouth, and Campari. Campari being the key ingredient with its distinct, almost medicinal flavour, that is mellowed, but strengthened with the addition of the other two ingredients. Not a weakened flavour by any means. Think of it as 1/3, plus 1/3, plus 1/3, to make that whole, and you’ll never go wrong. My first memories of Campari was of my Danish cousin drinking it mixed with soda water in Copenhagen to settle her stomach and aid in her digestion. Yes, Campari is considered a stomach bitter, a...

Gin Rickey

Well here we are in what I promise you will be a rare post...Lynn posting about drinks, drink recipes, and drink trivia. I am not confused about who on the drink guy team are the experts in these areas, and it is not me! I do however find myself in a strange place, so thus, this post! A few minutes ago a question was posed to the drink guy Glenn on our FaceBook fan page of "The Drink Guy". The question was simple...asking about the recipe for a Gin Rickey. Dale, (who is a friend so I'm hoping he does not mind me using his real name lol!) hails from the beautiful state of Kentucky. In...