Ever wondered if you are a bit over the edge??

It happens all the time.  It may even happen to you.  By some sort of freaky chance of the universe or some crap like that, you suddenly get a whiff of your favorite beer.  You are at work and all you want to do is go home, go to your fridge and pour a tall pilsner glass of lovely liquid gold with a creamy white head.

I am wondering if that makes you somewhat of a lunatic.  Maybe a fanatic.  Some sort of tic anyway.  This happens to me.  Not only with beer, but with some sweet bourbon or a nice wine.

But what do you do when you are at work and you feel that way.  Maybe I am the only psycho that this happens to0.  If you are in the ranks of the beer dreaming few, then comment below and let me know.  We could join some sort of weird twitter club.  And have secret passwords.

I certainly like beer.  The taste is like nothing else.  Some beers suck though, or are over rated:  Like Stella for example.  But hey it is all to your own taste.  No one is right about that argument.

But what we can all agree on around the world is that there is nothing like coming home and pouring a cold beer and enjoying it.  It certainly caps the day nicely and puts some joy in your step.

Of course, my buds in England don’t go home.  Unless home is the local pub.  Good thing for them is there is one on every corner.

Ah, well thinking of a beer at the Tiki bar.  Maybe later, but for now we can all dream and think of it.

Cheers and all that rot,

King of the Tiki Bar.