At the Bar at Affiliate Summit

Recently I attended an conference in Las Vegas, yah I know conference in Las Vegas is an oxymoron, but I had a great time. So you are asking what this has to do with the drink guy concept. The point is I spent an evening with a successful internet marketer that turned out to be a person who likes beer. I like beer. So we had fun. If you are interested in her review of the affiliate summit conference in Las Vegas you can read it here.

I told her I was a beer connoisseur and alas I was pounding back Miller Genuine Draft.  She called me on it.  So I switched to Newcastle Brown Ale, or as my British friends call it: Newkie Brown.

Newkie Brown is definitively a fine beer.  I suppose if I am sitting on a beach in Miami, then MGD is a great cool beer.  Certainly better than a tall glass of cold water.

But sitting at a bar in the RIO in Las Vegas til four in the morning you might as well give your taste buds a happy feeling.   And certainly Newkie Brown is a flavor experience.  And if I was one of those people that know all the fancy terms for how to describe how good a beer is then I would do that.  But I guess all I can say is that it is a damn good beer.  Enjoy it.  So if you are of the desire for a beer that tastes good but is refreshing then sit down at the bar and ask for a Newkie Brown.  For the Brits, they will get that.  You in North America may have to say you would like  a Newcastle Brown Ale.

Nutty taste, with a smooth flavor that is reminiscent of swimming in the North sea or some crap like that.

From the Tiki Bar,