Great New Recipes from The Drink Guy!

Our Awesome Bartender is Back At It!!

Enjoy the newest recipes from Glenn our Drink Guy!

If it’s time for a cocktail, then enjoy these new delights. How about an Apple Jack , or a Killer Kool-Aid . Or perhaps you are looking for a Running Rebel or a Snake BiteBeam Me Up Scottie!

If it’s time to enjoy a shot, whether an old favorite or a new experience, then how about an  ABC , a Bazooka Joe , a Big Roller or, one of my personal favorites, a Beam Me Up Scotty ! Or perhaps it will be a Crispy Crunch , Horny Monkey , or Sicilian Kiss to strike your fancy…or, perhaps to celebrate the Master’s Tournament, you will stick with a Broken Down Golf Cart

The great thing is that Glenn is making sure you have lots of fabulous options!

Enjoy, let us know what are your favorite picks from Glenn, and post your own favorite recipes under our “Submit a Recipe” link on the right hand side of the recipe main page!