Hot Stuff From The Drink Guy; Specialty Coffee to Warm Us Up!!

Coffee…I will admit that I am a total coffee enthusiast, and I love enjoying a specialty coffee with friends on a crisp spring evening.  Sexy Specialty Coffee With Friends

Thanks to our awesome bartender Glenn, The Drink Guy site now has a host of  fabulous new specialty coffee recipes for all of us to enjoy!

And for the non coffee drinkers (?!?!) a couple decadent Hot Chocolate recipes to titillate your taste buds.

Let us know if your favorite new recipe is a Bailey`s Express , a Hot Chocolate Brownie , or a Hot Chocolate Monkey !

Or, for those of us that love to travel, perhaps the international flavors of a French Coffee , a Jamaican Coffee , an Italian Coffee , a Spanish Coffee or an Irish Coffee will take us away, if only for a few stolen moments!

Let us know which of Glenn’s recipes is your favorite…

Or share with us when and where you love to relax over a specialty coffee…

Or which would be your favorite place to travel for one of the International recipes…

Or simply share your personal favorite recipe on the “Submit a Recipe” tab, right hand side of the “Recipe” page!

Join me for a coffee? Cheers…Lynn!

P.S. Try adding a cinnamon stick for some serious flavor.

Coffee Cup of Love