It’s Monday People…


Mildred, the church gossip and self appointed monitor of the town morals, kept putting her nose in other people’s business, but the church flock feared her enough to keep silent. She made a mistake when she accused Mad Dog, a new church member, of being a woman chaser and alcoholic after she saw his old Harley parked in front of the town’s only bar. She told Mad Dog, and others, that seeing it there only proves what he is doing.

Mad Dog, a man of few words, stared at her , then turned and walked away. He didn’t defend, or deny.

Later that night, Mad Dog quietly parked his Harley in front of Mildred’s house. Walked home and left it there all night.

Some Interesting History Facts

In China, in the 1500’s, a common method of committing suicide was by eating a pound of salt.

Seriously, WTF, I want to see that.

In Africa, it was common to bend back springy saplings and tie them beneath the ears of someone about to be beheaded, so that the person’s last sensation would be of their head flying through the air.

Now that is f##king cool.

In 1808, Tommy Otter was hanged for killing his girlfriend. His body was left chained in a tree and a year later a pair of blue tits made a nest in his skull and reared eight chicks.

What the hell is a “blue tit””? Someone, anyone?

Cheers…Glenn, The Drink Guy