One of Those Days

Doesn’t it stand too reason that after a nice relaxing day off my next shift back was a day in HELL!! We all know what this is like; not enough staff, busier than normal, running out of food and another “person” hooking Rickards White up to a Coors Lite keg. Not sure how it tasted, but it couldn’t have been good.

We have special, or rather, choice sayings for times like this. Some a little more extreme, all depending on how bad the night went. And some I won’t get into but you will get the drift.  Getting “hooped” is a very mild way of saying we were busy but nothing we can’t handle. Certainly easier than “taking it in the back door“, which as come up a few times on the site already. Mind you our way of rephrasing this quote might be a little different at work. The last I will not say as one can already imagine.

Funny how they all seem to have evolved from sexual connotation’s. It’s always nice to get a kiss before you get f**ked, a little foreplay and lube wouldn’t hurt either. As that is always part of the running joke. If anyone has a more polite or humane way of saying we were screwed, let me know. I’m sure everyone has different catch phrases around the world.

As for me, it is time for a drink, or two. Rye and 7, with a tequila chaser.
As they say in Denmark, Skoal.
The Drink Guy