Party Night at The Drink Guy!

There was a party online tonight with some of the awesome Drink Guy fans…what a total blast!

It started so simply, with a suggestion that a “Shot Shared Around the World” by some of the FaceBook Drink Guy fans would be fun. funny getting shitfaced

When the questions began to come in about what shot could be created with the ingredients that people had available, our bartender Glenn came to the rescue, and created a fun and fabulous party on the fan page!

The shot, a “6/49” …is a “random” shot named after the Canadian lottery, and the process is simple, fun, and the results are interesting!!

To start, you need a minimum of 12 bottles, preferably all alcohol. If you don’t have 12, you can throw in a couple bottles of juice or mixers.

You then line the bottles up, either in a single row, or if you have lots of bottles, you can create a maximum of 3 rows, as wide as you have bottles to accommodate.

If a single row, the recipe is as follows…the 6th bottle from the left, and pour 1/3 an oz into your shot glass. Then you take the 4th bottle from the right, another 1/3 oz, then the 9th bottle from the right and add your last 1/3 oz.

If multiple rows, your first ingredient is 6th from the left in the first row, your second is 4th from the right in the second row, and your third is 9th from the left in the third row!

funny drunk peopleThere you have it, your 6/49!!

And of course, variety is the spice of life…a pair of dice and you can create random shots all night long!

So, some of the hilarious random creations that were shared in the “Shot Shared Around the World” tonight were as follows…

From Tammy, a 6/49 of Tequila, Golden Rum, and Raspberry Vodka!

From Darlene, a 6/49 of Frangelico, Galliano, and Vodka!

From Larry, who is a trooper, the first 6/49 was Cherry Whiskey, Bolivar, and Peach Schnapps. The second was Cherry Whiskey, Tequila, and Scotch!

Our birthday girl, Sandra, enjoyed a 6/49 of Dark Rum, Kahlua and Bailey’s!

And our Life Coach Lynn, along with her guests from the UK, enjoyed a Canadian Club, Baileys, and Laphroaig Scotch !

Of course, of you prefer to stick to the “tried and true”, you can enjoy some of the great drink recipes on the Drink Guy from our awesome bartender Glenn.

And to answer a couple of the fan questions from the party…no, mouthwash is not a good bottle to add and yes, next time we can do it blindfolded!

Cheers…The Drink Guy Team!

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