Sunday Bloody Sunday

Ahh Sunday, the day for resting. A day to sit back relax, and reflect on the madness that transpired this last week at the bar. Sunday’s are generally the slowest of days in the “service” industry. I use the term “service” as an attempt to be politically correct. However, we all know what I am, and that is and always will be a bartender. To lump bartenders, waitresses and waiters into one catagory just seems wrong.

Now where was I. That’s right, Sunday’s. Being a slower day gives us a little more time to converse with the masses that come out to enjoy some solitude. Actually it’s usually one or two single person’s coming in for a drink and trying to contemplate life’s great mystery. Now this can range from love, relationships, money, work or just about anything else that can stress a person out.

For some unforseen reason having a drink makes one see clearly. And as we all know, bartenders all have degrees in sociology, psychology and financial management. We are the “poor person’s” psychiatrist and have the answer to all questions thrown our way.

Actually, whereas I will definitely have an answer for you, please check out our “Don’t Cry In Your Beer” section and direct all questions to our life coach Lynn. She will have a more in depth, honest and better worded answer. I will be checking in and giving my two cents for good measure every now and then.

She will most surely object as we don’t always see eye to eye. But as you all noted earlier, she’s a bit of a princess who has deep issues with “the back door”.

In closing I leave you with this quote:
“It’s generally not a good idea to meet girls in a bar. It’s like going grocery shopping when you’re hungry: you bring home stuff you don’t need.”

Closing Time,

The Drink Guy