How Many is Too Many?

Now here is a question for our Life Coach. Since she is woman of superior intelligence, and great looks, I want to know the answer. This came to my attention this week from a young lady I work with. It all comes back as I have been asked the same question, and it’s definitely a curious one. This woman was out on a first date, doesn’t always have to be the first, but somewhere in the beginning. I know we’re all curious in the start of a new relationship. But some questions seem a little much, don’t you think?

I’ve broken it down into a few secondary questions. So here it is: How many woman have you slept with? That’s the biggy, here’s what we want to know: 1/ Why do you need/want to know? 2/ How many is too many? 3/ Would you still date if we didn’t answer? 4/ What if later on, you found out we lied about the answer? 5/Should we lie to make you happy?

Wow there are way too many questions for this one. If you have anymore give us a holler or if you know the answer, ditto. I fully expect to hear from the Mayor on this one.

Cheers Ladies, The Drink Guy