You’re All Right….

I allowed the last comment on our first video as it only seemed fair.  Now who will be the bigger man, it’s up to you guys.  The point everyone seems to be missing is that there is no right or wrong.  You can be a gentleman all you want, the fact is some women don’t need or want  our help.  In today’s society more women will stand up for themselves.  Great I say.

Most women I have dated, generally want me to walk away from a confrontation.  Yet as someone who is interfering, or sorry, engaging another for the sake of protecting a woman’s honor, pride or rights, whatever you want to call it, is setting themselves up for a battle.  So now that you have stepped in, what would you do?  Mouth off and walk away, use large words that no one but yourself understands or actually get physical.  I will defend a woman if needed.  However, if a “lady” tells an annoying guy to go F**K himself, it’s usually him walking away.

I have since spoken to the young lady in question, as she is a regular visitor to the bar.  She has told me that while he was very annoying,  and was generally pissed off, she was never in any danger.  My perception of hassling was extremely different than hers, and if the line was crossed I would have been the first one she let know.  If I was on the other side of the bar it might have been a different scenario.  However, she preferred to handle it herself  and I quote ” what if there wasn’t a white knight around?”   She has a valid point here.

Now you can choose to do what ever you want, there is no right or wrong answer here.  The bigger question is; what would the final outcome be?  Will someone end up in the hospital, or worse?  No one can foresee these events, but only you can decide.  This isn’t a lesson in grammar, a spelling competition, or a need to throw stones.   Trishia said it the best.  Cheers to you.

Your All Right, can’t we just get along.

Cheers The Drink Guy