4/20 And Other International Holiday’s!

4/20:The Things I Learn From The Drink Guy!

Holiday’s, an obvious topic for writing about on The Drink Guy, that’s where it all started.

While chatting with one of our Drink Guy fans from the UK, she made a fabulous suggestion. Why not write about holiday’s from all over the world, popular and obscure?

Well this just made sense, so I sat down tonight to do some research on holiday’s around the world. Sigh, why do I always think these things are going to go WAY more smoothly than they do!?!?

With trusty laptop, I begin my search. “Google that s**t” is one of my favorite mantras, so I set out to do just that, to Google that s**t!

So you would think that finding an easily navigatable (yes, according to my spell check that is not a word, but I don’t care!!) list of  cool holiday’s around the world would be easy, right? Huh, apparently not!

After wading through many sites and not finding what I wanted, I began to get creative in my search parameters. And I learned something new!

Now, I am well aware that many of you reading this, including Glenn I’m sure, were well aware of this and will get a good chuckle at my expense, however…did you know that April 20th ( known simply to everyone but me apparently as simply 4/20 !) is like a world-wide celebration of marijuana?!?!

marijuana is good

Seriously, I’m not joking!! And if you, like me, are completely boggled by that, then check this out!

April 20th is also International Medical Marijuana Day, Food Day, Make A Quilt Day ,Get to Know Your Customer Day, Cuckoo Day , Look Alike Day, Volunteer Recognition Day, AND National Pineapples Upside Down Cake Day!!!

So…wow! I feel so unprepared for April 20th, 4/20 , tomorrow, Tuesday…who knew there was so much to celebrate!

So off I go…preparing some cool food recipes, looking for quilting fabric, chatting with new fans, acting a bit crazy, searching FaceBook for my doppelganger,  sending thank you notes to any volunteers I know and baking a Pineapple Upside Down Cake

I’ll leave 4/20 and the marijuana to those who already knew what it was!