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Phuk Dup….

All in the Name of Love Alcohol Does Aid Sex: Australian researchers found that a good, stiff drink actually improves a man's prowess in the bedroom. According to the study, men who consumed up to twenty drinks a week spread over five days had the fewest sexual problems. Those who drank on the weekends only, still had an advantage over men who drank only one day a week or drank none at all. The worst performing group was made up of former heavy drinkers that had stopped drinking altogether. See ladies, we do it for you! Here's A Visual A drunk man pulled his pants down and...


Happy Mothers Day to All the Super Moms!

Enjoy Your Weekend!

And Make Wise Decisions...Or Bring Post Its.

Friday Funnies!

Fun To Kick Off Your Friday! Dumb Criminals, Mistaken Arrest Reports And Stubborn Ducks...Can The World Get Any More Ridiculous?!

Thursday!! It’s Thursday!!!

Ahhh...stay in bed, a grand idea!

Happy Hump Day!

Coping Techniques! Everyone has them, everyone needs them...some we should keep to ourselves!

Silly Sunday

Sunday Fun With The Drink Guy!

Hockey Play-Offs In Full Swing…

...And Potentially The Divorce Lawyers are Raking in More Cash Than The Players!

Thursday’s Fun; When Truth is Funnier Than Fiction

It's Almost Friday, Some "Truth is Stranger Than Fiction" to Get You The Rest of The Way There! Seriously, truth IS stranger than fiction, you couldn't make this stuff up!

Happy Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day... ...but in case it's not, take a moment, relax in the sunshine, and enjoy the beauty of the clouds floating by... ...and know you're not the only one annoyed that it's only Wednesday!!!
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