Drinking Games…..

Since our Facebook Fan Page has a Drinking Game listed for the Oscars, I figured I better add a few to peak everyone’s interest.  There are literally thousands of drinking games to be played, but these three will help you get drunk, get to know your friends or possibly get you a free drink from the bartender.  You also won’t need any cards, which usually get wet or stuck together, or bottles or any other object that could be hurled at the loser/winner (however you choose to look at it). Sorry, you will need some quarters for one game.

Let’s start with Fuzzy Duck. I think a few know this one.

Someone starts by saying “fuzzy duck” .  It moves clockwise around the table/room with each person saying these words  This continues until someone decides to change the direction of play by saying “does he” (duzzy).  This not only changes the direction but also the phrase that is said.  Now that the direction has changed everyone must now say “ducky fuzz”.  Now the game is going counterclockwise with “ducky fuzz”.  Once again anyone can change the direction by saying “duzzy”.  Any mistakes means you drink.

Remember clockwise “fuzzy duck”, counterclockwise “ducky fuzz”, and “duzzy” changes direction.

Try this drinking game with your bartender. It’s called Quarters.

Three people play this game with the bartender, so for all you who can’t count that’s four people.  Each person spins a quarter on the bar, then places their hand flat on the quarter.  Revealing heads or tails, odd person is out.  For example, three tails and one head, heads is out. Keep spinning till you get an odd number.  Now there are three people spinning, same thing, odd person out.  Once you get down to two people, someone calls odds or evens, two heads or two tails is even, one of each is odd.  Whoever loses buys a round of drinks. Bartender chooses, just kidding.

The last drinking game is called The ABC’s of Sex.

Start with the letter A and say a word that has to do with sex starting with that letter.  If you repeat a word or can’t come up with one in 15 seconds you drink.  That person then starts with the next letter in the alphabet.

These are a few of the easy ones, if you know of any more games let me know.

Your Bartender, The Drink Guy