Oh Canada…. Gold Baby….

Just wanted to congratulate the Canadian men’s hockey team for their GOLD MEDAL performance this afternoon against our arch rivals from the U.S.  This had to be one of the best hockey games I have ever seen.  Although I was working a full bar at the time, and catching the game was tricky, I did manage to see the tying goal with mere seconds remaining.  But the best was watching, the guy everyone said needed to produce, Sid the Kid scoring the winning goal in overtime.

I don’t want to take anything away from the Canadian women’s hockey team, cause let’s be real here, they were untouchable.  No other team in the women’s tournament could touch them.  They cruised and romped over everybody. I guess their celebration fiasco was the only way to play down how good they were.

While watching the women’s hockey team crush all comers, the Canadian men’s hockey team had to fight and sometimes struggle to get to the gold medal game.  They would gain momentum, add a few goals, only to see a lead evaporate in the dying minutes of the game. Certainly leaving everyone sitting on the edge of their chairs.

That’s hockey baby, so many teams in this tournament could have gone for the gold.  I was definitely surprised at Russia’s spanking by the Canadians, and Sweden not even in medal contention. On the women’s side, you knew it was Canada against the U.S. for gold, from the start.  In the men’s tournament, it was anybody’s gold for the taking.  This was a hard fought game from the start, fast paced, hard hitting all around exciting hockey game.  My hat’s off to the U.S., they came very close to taking it away from us.  But hey, WE ARE HOCKEY.

So Cheers to both teams, men and women, with our Twenty Ten Gold, drink that Lynn loves so much.

F**king eh, The Drink Guy