Eclipse, Vampires, Twilight Theme Party AND a Drink Guy Signature Cocktail!

Eclipse! Vampires, werewolves, romance and adventure! The Drink Guy team is counting down!

Well, Lynn is counting down. Glenn is creating a signature cocktail for the occasion, likely so he can get through it all and not smack her.

Hey! Lynn here!! Twilight rocks!! OK, yes, I am a fan…OK, I am addicted. And your point is?

Just because I spent an hour using four different programs to create…this!!

Edward JAcob Twilight

How cool is that!?!? Yah, OK, if any of you know of a Twilight Addiction Support Group, send me the information…Cheryl and I will go, right after we see Eclipse!!! Sandra, do you need us to pick you up on our way? Of course we should likely pick up Diana and Sharon and Tammy and Christine and Louise and and and too lol!  :in love:

Alright, back to reality.

If you are a fan, or know any, and you want an excuse for a party, Eclipse is a great one!

Martini CUllen Kiss

A Twilight theme party can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it.

A few movie posters, the movie soundtrack, and some Vampire themed snacks and beverages, to a full blown costume/decorations/impress your friends with the food and drinks blow out!

You can prepare a Vampire Martini, a Bloody Vampire Cocktail, a Cullen Kiss Martini, or (and in my opinion the best choice!) Glenn’s signature Drink Guy cocktail, an Eclipse!

The food options are just as varied, from a simple theme of red and black appetizers (chocolate dipped strawberries, caviar, tapenade , or Twilight Truffles to a heartier “Stake” Bites with Bloody Vampire Dipping Sauce or Vampire Bat Wings.

Vampire costumes and decor open up a huge range of possibilities. Creepy bats, spiders, wooden stakes all work. Vampire blood, capes, coffins, red and black everywhere. Let your imagination run free!

Of course, lest we forget, Twilight is above all else, a love story.

Edward Cullen RomeoRed roses, sprinkled petals, silver Volvos and the soft strains of DeBussy playing in the background…perhaps your Eclipse party will be a celebration for two, and maybe, just maybe, you wise gentlemen with a Twilight fan as the love of your life will take the opportunity to wine and dine her Twilight style.

Where ever you fall in the Twilight stratosphere, I hope you enjoy an excuse for some fun!

Now I’m going to call Glenn to pretty please mix up an Eclipse for me, grab my well worn copy of  The Twilight Saga:Eclipse, and happily relax in Forks for the evening!

Bye Bye reality, hello Edward!

Cheers, Lynn