Glee!! Yes I Said It, Glee!!!

Glee Is Back!!

Glee!! Love it, hate it, have no idea what it is?

Well, in North America you would have to never watch TV and live under a rock to not know what this television phenomenon is!  Glee logo

However, my visitors from the UK did not know what it was about, so for those of you that don’t know, let’s talk “Glee”, the newest sensation on TV. And of course, a great excuse for a theme party!

Quite simply it is a musical/comedy/drama, set around a high school glee club. A personal favorite show of mine, I love the quick-witted scripts, the singing and dancing, and the character interactions.

It has all the witty and wicked humor of another favorite of mine, “Scrubs”, set in high school instead of a hospital, edgy and fun all at the same time!

From the tongue in cheek high school angst to the more tongue in cheek staffroom politics, this show keeps me entertained from beginning to end. In my opinion, the right mix of humor, drama, musical numbers and sharp wit make this show the phenomenon it has become.

Did you know that, according to Wikipedia, “in 2009, the Glee cast had 25 singles chart on the Billboard Hot 100, the most by any artist since The Beatles had 31 songs in the chart in 1964.”

Wow! Since The Beatles?!?

AND it’s ” one of the most tweeted about TV shows”, AND “in 2010 won the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series — Musical or Comedy”!

It’s all about the music, high school, and fun, so let these  guide your theme…food and drink, costumes, decorations and amusements for the evening.

Imagine the fun of a “Glee” inspired karaoke event, complete with your old high school jackets, cheer-leading outfits, and sports jerseys! Or pick your fave character from the show and go to town!

As far as decor and refreshments, you can keep it simple with musical notes and the classic Glee slushies and cupcakes, or you can go all out and get really creative!

Whichever your choice, we would love to hear from you!

Let us know about your “Glee” celebrations, be it you on your own or with family and friends by commenting below!

And remember, the show kicks off this week, but imagine the “Glee” season finale party that we can be planning for already!!