Feel The Pain!!!!

Well I’m certainly not talking about working out.  I’ve been under the weather the last few days and it’s my own fault.  When you drink three out of four nights something is bound to give.  There certainly are other factors involved, and no I don’t mean the hard stuff.  I just can’t remember her name so it’s best not to bring her up.  Alcohol does weaken the immune system and cause memory loss.

Wow, that brings me back to another name forgotten, or never knew.  I’m not sure.  We only knew her for four days, she drove us home all those nights and drank till the wee hours of the morning.  We nicknamed her BOOM BOOM.  I’ll just let you get the visual.   She left as quickly as she came, maybe cause we didn’t know her name.  Oh well that happens some times.  Where are you now BOOM BOOM?

Sorry got off track there.  Took one day off, and in the industry that is very rare.  Gave me some time to organize and do some research.  Get my new phone this week  and it’s off to twitter, tweet and hoot.  Find me @thedrinkguy.Bottle of India Pale Ale from Alexander Keith's Brewery

Was looking for cold remedies, and found none.  But did read an interesting article about how beer can help with osteoporosis.  Apparently a study by The University of California found that beer is a very rich source of silicon.  Didn’t they have problems with that in implants of some kind awhile ago?  Apparently this aids in keeping the skin elastic and bones, teeth and gums strong.  No wonder our brewmaster looks so good, keeping that secret to himself.  It goes on to say that India Pale is the best of the bunch.  So drink up, and cheers to a healthier you.

The Drink Guy