Some Much Needed Rest

Wow, an unexpected day off. My friend, Scotty the Bartender, needed some extra spending money for his trip to Vegas. The ultimate road trip, watching the Superbowl in Vegas. What could be better?

I had no problem with this. You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours. How can you not spend money in Vegas? I hear the food is cheap, but the gambling might cost you. Actually, I think I should ask Rob, “The Brew Master”. He was recently there drinking “Newkie Brown” till four in the morning. Hmmm….lol. Just kidding Rob.

I honestly thought I would have more to say. A day off has left my mind blank. Although, rest is very welcome indeed. No late night, having a drink or two after the shift, or somehow finding an all night party is not on the agenda tonite. Recharging the batteries once in awhile is always wise. Just in case you needed to go full tilt next week, or tomorrow night in my case.
We in the business have no set days off. There is no such thing as the weekend. We tend to party when and wherever we can. Usually lasting days, with work being a break in between. This profession certainly is not for everyone, or the faint of heart for that matter. I’ve seen things that would curl your toes. A permanent spring break vacation.

Cheers to Scotty, have a great time.

Go Saints
The Drink Guy, Glenn