Girls Night Out!

Girls Night Out!

Heading out for drinks or dinner, Girls Night Out is a phrase that can strike fear into the hearts of men and smiles on the faces of women!

Of course, this phrase can mean many things to many people. bachelorette-party

A girls night out can be as innocuous as a book club meeting at a girlfriends place, or as crazy as a bachelorette party at a wild club.

Speaking only for myself, they tend to lean much more to the first event than the second.

Regardless of the event, if I am heading out with one or more girlfriends for some time together, I have a smile on my face!

The venue generally has little to do with my anticipation, although obviously a place that offers safety and comfort is important if we are heading out with no guys! (Since it’s my daughter who is mere months away from her Black Belt, not me!)

I guess the point is, generally speaking, women from 4 to 104 enjoy that time together.

Relaxing over food and drinks, chatting, dancing and laughing, the bottom line is the silliness you can enjoy with your girlfriends is seldom duplicated with the men in our lives.

The Drink Guy has provided me with an upcoming new opportunity to enjoy this ” girls night out ” phenomenon…one of our wonderful Drink Guy fans ,that I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting face to face, and myself are meeting a few other friends for a girls night out dinner next week, and I am very excited about it!

Martini glass girls night out Heading out to a new area for me, the suggested location is West 50 Pourhouse and Grill , who advertises themselves as Canada’s largest selection of draught beer.

Now, not being a beer drinker myself, this is not the draw for me.

However, both the drink and food menu certainly are, so in this case the allure of the venue is an added bonus.

With an amazing array of beer food and drink recipes, I was pleasantly surprised to also find many other enticing options.

Both the Tropical Dream and the Swedish Razzberry are peaking my interest for cocktails, and many of the menu choices tantalized my taste buds as well.

And I have to mention, just because it boggles my mind, a menu choice that I’m sure is imminently popular but holds no appeal for me.

Undoubtedly a great addition to a guys night out, the West 50 “Big Boy” $39.50 Burger is a half pound U.S prime beef burger, filet mignon, smoked beef brisket, wild boar bacon, beer battered onions, brie cheese, horseradish cheddar, chanterelle and oyster mushrooms with our secret sauce plus all the fixings of a regular burger! Yikes! I can only imagine the guys drink that pairs well with that!

Of course, when all is said and done, I’m hoping to have saved room for a Warm S’Mores Brownie for dessert…I’m thinking some dancing may be in order to work it all off!

Cheers, Lynn!

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