What A Lady Drinks….And More?

A Lady Drinks What?

A lady drinks, generally, something a little more sophisticated or classy, compared to what a guy drinks.

It’s more about style when it comes to what ladies drink. With wine being the drink of choice here, red or white.

There is no favoritism when it comes to wine. All a matter of preference. And unless they know you well, a lady drinks white wine as it doesn’t stain the teeth or ruin your cloths if it happens to spill.

A ladies drink also tends to be a little more colorful and flavorful. Cocktails and martinis are a close second to the wine. Having more alcohol perLadies Drink Martinis drink this isn’t meant to be chugged, but sipped and enjoyed.

Although, as we all know, once you get to that certain point we just can’t seem to get them down fast enough, ladies or men.

Now mixed drinks seem to be on equal ground with guys when it comes to what a lady drinks. This one is somewhere in the middle for both sexes. Where beer is #1 for guys and wine is #1 for the ladies, this is something that both will drink.

On par with the men again is a shooter, as this is for celebration or just to catch up. Proper etiquette states that no one is allowed to turn down a shooter if someone else is paying.

All this aside and although you don’t see it much, the best thing is when a lady drinks beer straight out of the bottle. I’ll let you get the idea. Now if they can sit down on Sunday and watch the game with us, we would love them forever.

There is one unfair advantage when it comes to a ladies drink and it’s called “Ladies Nite!” This is meant to bring the guys out, as we all know, where the ladies are, the guys will follow. Free entrance, free drinks, or half price, we’ll be there.

Aren’t we suckers.

So cheers to what a lady drinks….Glenn, The Drink Guy