What a Guy Drinks…..

Guy Drinks

A guy drinks what ever he feels like. Beer, shots, martinis, wine, pretty much whatever mood hits him.

Let’s be honest about this, most of us guys aren’t overly “cultured” when it comes to a drink passing our lips. I generally only see a handful of men order wine with a meal and most times it’s the wrong wine with their meal of choice. I personally hate red wine, so whether it’s steak, chicken or  seafood, I’m having a glass of white if I really want wine.

If going out to the pub a guy drinks an assortment of beer, usually in pitchers, and depending on how many guests are present. Beer of choice will be by a majority vote. Beer is number one in what guys drink and in a club or at a party, where it’s bring your own, we tend to stick to a preferred label.

During other times such as a business meeting, a guy drinks something a little more civilized. Martinis are the drink of choice here and if all that alcohol is a little much and they need to stay somewhat sober, shots of a favorite liquor on ice or mixed will do in a pinch.

Scotch or Bourbon neat,  Rum and coke, vodka and tonic or Rye and 7-up. It all fills the need.

Guys drinks don’t include a lot of cocktails in the mix unless they’re lying on the beach somewhere. It’s nice to sample the local favorites, but we all know that excess sugar cause serious hangovers.

Since a guy drinks more than the ladies, we don’t want extra factors that cause “headaches” as we know what that cuts into.

Hence, why guys drink shooters.  There is usually a lady involved or a celebration of some kind.  Lets just say shooters cause a quick rush, without having to down your beer.

In perspective from a bartender who has seen a lot, a guy drinks it all.  From their favorite, beer, to mixed, or martinis.

A guys drink depends on the mood he is in and the company he keeps. But always keeping it simple.

Cheers…Glenn The Drink Guy