A Life Coach Question, Living With Traditional Values, Good Or Bad?

Dear Life Coach Lynn,

I want to know what you and your fans think about a woman taking care of her man. I believe I look after mine, cooking and cleaning, physical and emotional, as best I can.

However, I am often “attacked” by others for my old fashioned attitude and living in the 1950’s. What’s wrong with looking after your man? I need a life coach! 🙂

Just call me June Cleaver !

Lucy and Ethel Chocolate Factory Funny June Cleaver

Dear “June” ,

Thank you for your question! I’m sure our wonderful fans will have some thoughts, and of course I am happy to share mine with you!

First of all, in my opinion, if you and your significant other have a positive, loving and respectful relationship that works for both of you, then other people’s opinions should have no bearing on what you do.

Secondly, yes, I absolutely believe that it is OK for a woman to take care of her man, and vice versa! Every person in a relationship will have different needs, and different strengths and weaknesses.

A good relationship will create a positive flow between the two partners, bringing strength to each other. If you and your partner lean towards more traditional roles and values, then by all means, live your lives that way and don’t worry about what other people say!

Now, I know that when I am personally dealing with any issue in my life, I always take some time of reflection to put myself in the other person’s shoes, and attempt to see the situation from all angles.

I always want to make sure that I am seeing things as clearly as possible, and that my judgment is not clouded by my own involvement. So, this being said, let me play “devil’s advocate” and ask you a couple questions…

Is it possible that, even though you are filling his needs in these areas, that you are giving off a “vibe” to family and friends of resentment over it?

Or is it possible that other people perceive your relationship as “one sided”, and that they see you always doing for him, but do not see him reciprocating? Is there any other reason you can think of as to why people would be “attacking” you over this?

If, after some time of self-reflection, you truly believe that your relationship is mutually positive, loving, and respectful, than I would not give those people another moment of thought!

I’m sure our awesome Drink Guy fans will have some thoughts for you as well!!

Cheers, Lynn!