The Bartender and The Life Coach…a New Question!! Episode 4:TDG TV

Moving on! Our Bartender Glenn serves up a nice glass of  white wine, a 20 Bees Unoaked Chardonnay,  to our Life Coach Lynn while discussing the next question from our “Don’t Cry in Your Beer”  forum. The question posed to our bartender revolves around the issue of disclosure in the early stages of courtship…not dissimilar to an earlier question posted on “Don’t Cry in Your Beer” titled “How Many is Too Many“.

This question deals more with the specifics of what level of disclosure should take place, and when. Our Bartender and our Life Coach once more enjoy the light-hearted, tongue in cheek banter of their extremely opposite views on…well, everything. Join them while they debate the merits of how much to share, if being able to be totally honest from Day One is the only way to have a successful relationship, and if you are not comfortable being totally honest from the beginning does that mean you are in the wrong relationship?

As our Life Coach begins to loosen up, thanks to a couple of glasses of 20 Bees, the fun starts. During the editing process of episode 4, Glenn was amused, and Lynn was not, that the wine seems to have gone straight to her head.  Next time an Evan Williams Honey Reserve would go nicely, for Glenn, to compliment our ” bees” theme. A few glasses, neat, might put them back on an even playing field.

As they near the end of the segment, Glenn realizes, and so does the camera man, that arguing with someone after a couple drinks is a lost cause. With enough years behind him, it seems best to divert her attention and wrap the episode up early. (A tactic you may recognize from our last episode when Lynn does it to Ken and Glenn)!

Cheeeeers from Lynn