The Bartender and The Life Coach talk alcohol and relationships… Episode 8:TDG TV

The Bartender and the Life Coach are back, this time dealing with the question of how to handle the issue of alcohol within a relationship.

Not the standard situation of  alcohol abuse, but rather the query of how to deal with a situation where one partner has emotional issues tied to alcohol abuse from childhood, and makes demands on a partner because of this.

In this Episode of The Drink Guy TV, the Bartender and the Life Coach have been asked by a young man who wants to enjoy a successful relationship but is struggling with the demands of his significant other.

The young man in question maintains that he is not a big drinker, and being respectful of his girlfriends issues with alcohol (she grew up in a family with an alcoholic parent) he never drinks around her.

In fact, he states he rarely drinks, but would like the freedom to enjoy the occasional drinks out with his buddies. His girlfriend however struggles with this, and would like him to not drink at all.

So the question posed to us, and the question we pose to you, is…

Is this reasonable?

If the young man in question is respectful, chooses to not drink around his significant other, and only occasionally drinks when out with friends, how should he handle the demands of this otherwise positive relationship?

Join the Bartender and the Life Coach as they once again challenge each others thoughts and opinions to arrive at an answer for the young man in question.

As always, we are interested in the thoughts and opinions of you, the Drink Guy fans, to help aid this young man in his quest for the right answer to solve this issue!

So please post your comments for us below, because we are sure he will be checking back often for your thoughts too!

Cheers…the Drink Guy Team!