Road Trip…Vancouver’s Way

A Road Trip In Style

A Road Trip involves hopping in a car and heading in any direction that tickles your fancy. Well we did one better, hopped in a plane, headed to Vancouver, and then got in a killer Volvo C70 convertible for our road trip.

The sites we saw, the things we did, and of course, the alcohol we drank. Wouldn’t be a Drink Guy road trip without booze.

The first night involved a juicy steak dinner, cooked to perfection by our host for the weekend, Miss Velvet Steele. This was accompanied by a nice Shiraz, recommended by one of our fans, but only able to purchase in Vancouver. Needless to say we drank it all, or Lynn did, and didn’t think to bring one back with us.

The next day the road trip commenced, well actually we took a water taxi to Granville Island Brewing. Where we first spied Mark Fossen, a street musician with style, and talent.

Here we shopped and took a tour of the Brewery with Bob as our guide. This was followed by an always welcome, taste test of what beer the Brewery has to offer.

Next day we got the car and headed to the wineries. Sanduz Estate Wines was first on the list. Where we chatted and sampled the many fruit wines they have to offer. Absolutely awesome.

Then our road trip headed to Lulu Island Winery where Mike, the owner, was more than happy to show us around. His knowledge, charm and wit made for a very entertaining tour of the winery. The Ice wines made here are know as far away as China, and after tasting, I understand why.

This was just a drop in the bucket for B.C. and we will definitely have to make a few more trips for beer and wine.

So whether your into wine or beer, it’s worth a trip to Vancouver, B.C. just to tour a winery or brewery.

We will go into further detail later about each winery and brewery and what they have to offer as I did bring six bottles home.

Cheers…Glenn, The Drink Guy