Vancouver Breweries!

Vancouver, Breweries, and Beer!

Vancouver Breweries…yes, despite the fact that I (Lynn) am not a beer drinker, reading about the specialty microbreweries in Western Canada and the process used, even my interest was peaked! (Especially when I found out there is such a thing as Chocolate Beer!) Granville Island Chocolate Beer Label

Of course, 5 days in Vancouver was not nearly enough, and packing in sight-seeing, wineries and time enjoying the Drink Guy’s wonderful family out there, left us choosing one brewery to tour, for this trip anyway!

Our choice was Granville Island Brewing , a local establishment that advertises themselves as “Canada’s First Microbrewery”. Located in the heart of  beautiful Granville Island, a popular tourist area,  here’s what they have to say:

“When Granville Island Brewing opened our doors in 1984, we believed that British Columbia was ready for a premium, natural, unpasteurized beer similar to the famous German pilsners. And with our first release that same year, Island Lager, that belief was confirmed.”

So a GIB tour it was, my very first brewery tour! Listening to our tour guide explain the process was fascinating, and realizing how much goes into the creation of beer, eye opening!

We actually got to taste two types of barley grains (yuck!) and smell the raw hops (double yuck!). We got to climb around and look into the vats, and ask questions of our very personable and knowledgeable guide, Bob.

Granville Island GIBitter Beer labelBut of course, the highlight for most was the taste testing after!

Bob got us settled in the Taproom, and proceeded to pour out six different varieties of beers to try. Since I only tried one, and I am far from a connoisseur, I’ll let Glenn fill you in on the specifics of each!

However, for the Drink Guy fans and for comic relief in the video, our Drink Guy did deem it necessary for me to try one of the samples, the GIBitters.

The GIBitters is exactly that, bitter! Since there is video footage here of both Glenn and I, and friends we met on the tour trying it, you will quickly figure out that none of us were big fans. And in fact Glenn and his new found friend did require some encouragement from me to get it down! However, a bottle was brought home for Rob, who LOVED it! Likening it to a real IPA, he said if you are a bitters fan, you will love this beer. The limited release for May, get yours while supplies last!

Educational and entertaining, I highly recommend the Granville Island Brewing tour. Running daily, it was a great introduction to the beer making process, and lots of fun! So pull up a stool and enjoy!

Stay tuned for Glenn’s specifics on the taste testing!

Cheers! Lynn