There is nothing better than having an easy night, making money, the odd drink bought for you and friends coming in to keep you company.

I serve the drinks, we watch sports and talk about everything that comes up.  Being the day after Superbowl, not a lot of souls will have the energy to go out.  Remember, mass quantities of beer were consumed yesterday, along with huge servings of greasy but very tasty snacks.  However, there is something to be said for ‘regulars’.

Tonight we praised the Saints and Drew Brees.  Fantastic game all round by both teams.  We watched hockey and poker, although I’m still not sure how that became a sport.  Shoot me if it makes it to the Olympics.  I believe it to be on the same level as darts and pool.  Hey if they can be called a sport so can Monopoly.  Didn’t say they weren’t fun, and they do go great with a few drinks.  Most sports you can watch and drink, these you need to play and drink.

Closing time comes quickly when your in good company.  So we stuck around and had a few more just to keep the night going.  We talked about everything.  Most of it to be dealt with by our Life Coach.  Just as soon as these guys grow a set and send Lynn a question.   Men are stubborn, remember we don’t need to ask for directions, we always go the wrong way.  We just won’t admit it.  But what an adventure we usually have on the way.

Night All, The Drink Guy