Sunday, the holiest of days. But unlike most Sunday’s, this one trumps all. Superbowl Sunday.

Notwithstanding all the other big sporting events, this one captures our attention the best. The lead up, commercials, commentating, halftime show and of course the game itself. This one time, winner take all game, showcases the “Bar Industry”. Hot women, beer and sports. The perfect day for “most” men and “some” women. In all my years of doing this, nothing gets the crowd going like this game. If I was to guess, I would think this day alone outsells all the rest in single day sales, or consumption of beer. At least in North America.

Its going to be a great game, the two best teams in the game have once again made it all the way. This is the only time I will ask for the day off. So I can join the masses at the local watering hole and cheer for my favorite team. Anywhere there is a TV you can bet the game is on. Win one of the raffles, or any of the countless games at the bar and you’re guaranteed to buy a round for your friends. We do squares at 10-20 dollars a square, and scores at the end of each quarter and of course the final score.

However, this isn’t about the money, as it gets spent very, very quickly if you’re the one who wins. It’s about spending time with friends and having a great time. Well I gotta go, have my own party to go to.

Go Saints, The Drink Guy