St Patrick’s Day…Cheers to Green Beers!

St Patrick’s Day in North America brings to mind parades, shamrocks, and for many of us a rowdy night at the pub drinking green beer. However, you may be surprised to learn that in Ireland St Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday…as the Patron Saint of Ireland,  St Patrick is credited for bringing Christianity into Ireland…and he wasn’t even Irish!

So how best to enjoy the ultimate “Green” holiday? It’s all about throwing yourself into the celebration, embracing the fun, and dragging your friends with you! Whether you go out, or stay in, there are “must do’s” to truly participate in celebrating the luck of the Irish!

First and foremost, it’s about green baby! Now I know, the traditional celebration throw a couple other accent colors in, but let’s face it, when we think of St Patrick’s Day, we think green! And contrary to the quote from the great Kermit the Frog, it IS easy to be green for St Patrick’s Day! Going green does not mean you need to do a head to toe wardrobe (although you can if you like!) , but you definitely want to flaunt it! Whether it be a shirt,  wild jade pants, a dress or a hat, green is the name of the game! Funky accents can raise the “fun bar”…a scarf, jewelery, lime socks or a painted shamrock :clover: on the face, arm or shoulder…be creative, a little goofy, and you’ll make your friends laugh…always a good thing!

The question of go out or stay in is next…if you are going out I’m sure there are lots of great pubs and clubs in your area that will be in full swing “green-mode” . If however, you decide that you want to host a St Patrick’s Day soiree, there are some basics you want to cover, and then let your imagination run wild!

So what makes a St Patrick’s Day party…right back to green baby! :clover: Green food, green drinks, green decorations…such a simple theme lol! There are lots of green foods to work with, everything from olives to peppers to grapes to jello! Lime koolaid makes for a great punch base or drink mix, and of course green food coloring is going to be your best friend in the kitchen for this soiree! Having shamrocks, leprechauns, pots of gold…all the decor classics people look for…but you can have some fun with this too! Hit a party supply place, look for some fun St Patrick’s Day themed buttons, necklaces, hats, etc, to outfit your guests with…napkins, plates, cups, they will all be there!

And of course, never forget the most important ingredient…green beer! :clover:

Check out some great recipe ideas to compliment your fun, and stay tuned for some awesome drink recipes from Glenn to complete your party!

Cheers…The Drink Guy Team :clover: