The Bartender and The Life Coach are back! Episode 7:TDG TV

The Bartender and the Life Coach are back, this time dealing with the question of how to handle the changing dynamics of a long term friendship. Once again with our special guest Amber, we now delve into a personal situation she is dealing with…a friendship relationship that has changed in a way that Amber is not sure how to deal with.

Our entire lives revolve around the relationships that we create with the people around us, from family and friendships to casual acquaintances and vocational (especially as a bartender and a life coach!) connections. How we “manage” these relationships determines much of our happiness, or much of our frustrations. As parents, we often tell new parents that the easiest time is when the children are very young…not because the work is less (because it’s not!!) but because the older our children get, the stronger their personalities and opinions. As babies and toddlers, we manage those relationships by providing basic human needs, such as food, shelter, health care, and love. As children grow, the way they interact with you and “receive” love changes and grows too…if you don’t figure out how to successfully work with that growing relationship, the emotional “work” of parenting an older child is much tougher than the physical demands of a baby.

Relationships as adults holds the same truths…every person gives and receives love differently, reacts to situations differently, and shows their fears, frustrations and anger differently. Maintaining successful relationships for a lifetime takes work and effort, but that effort brings with it great rewards. One of my favorite quotes is “Maintaining life long relationships requires the courage to confront, understand, resolve and forgive…cowards go through a lot of friends”

So hold onto your hats, because once more our Bartender and our Life Coach go head to head on a question that, surprise surprise, they see things a little bit differently on! Glenn brings to the conversation his flippant and irreverent humor, and Lynn brings her coaching experience to help Amber find an answer.

Let us know what you think, we all appreciate the great input from our awesome fans!

Cheers…The Drink Guy Team!