The Bartender and The Life Coach Wrap it up…Episode 3:TDG TV

Talk about beating a dead horse…oh my gosh!! Seriously, this is the LAST time we talk about this topic! Fortunately Glenn the Bartender mixes Lynn the Life Coach a spectacular Bailey’s Chocolate Cherry drink during Episode 3 which makes it much more entertaining for everyone…believe me! Adding to the entertainment is the follow up with moderator Ken and the grand reveal of the Air Canada “smelly guy” story!

Our Bartender and our Life Coach are still fielding questions and comments on this topic, much to their complete surprise! Interesting the different paths that people’s opinions are taking and the chaos this is causing, especially after a drink or two…our moderator brings up an interesting story about an Air Canada (Jazz) passenger who was escorted from the plane due to a level of body odor that was offensive to the other passengers. So the question of a business making a difficult call for the comfort of the other customers is raised…and so at the bar, is the “smelly guy” the gentleman, or the lady?  Make sure you watch for Lynn’s reaction when Glenn brings THAT conversation up!  Hence, another drink!

So join the laughter and fun in Episode 3…we have reached a certain impasse on some aspects of the question, and will have to agree to disagree, but that’s OK!  We certainly appreciate all the comments, questions, and interaction! This question has spilled over onto our FaceBook Fan Page, onto our Twitter, and even into the personal relationships surrounding our Bartender and our Life Coach!

So pour yourself a drink, sit back and enjoy Episode 3…as our bartender and our life coach get more and more animated! And seriously, Episode 4 has nothing to do with this topic!! We promise!!

Cheers from your Drink Guy Team, Glenn the Bartender and Lynn the Life Coach!