The Bartender and The Life Coach, The Olympics and Hockey! Episode 5:TDG TV

The 2010 Winter Olympic Games wrapped up last night in Vancouver amidst much pomp and circumstance. The excitement and enthusiasm was high, but these Olympic games were not without their controversy. A question was posed to our Bartender and to our Life Coach via our Facebook Fan Page, and a request for a “signature Glenn cocktail” to mark the occasion…thus Episode 5 was born!

The host country of Canada did “own the podium” in regards to record breaking Olympic Gold medal achievement, and so the signature cocktail Twenty Ten Gold was born. Our guest on the episode, Amber, truly enjoyed…errr…several of them.You can find the recipe on our “Recipe” tab.

And of course, the controversy. For those of you that spent the last couple weeks living under a rock, the Canadian Women’s Olympic Hockey team rocked their way to a Gold medal with ease…and then the ensuing celebration found it’s way to the world wide media in moments!

The question posed to our Bartender and Life Coach was simple…what do they think about the Olympic Gold Medal winning team celebrating on the ice, in uniform, medals around their necks, with cigars and beer, underage in a government facility? Hmmm…it seems that many people had opinions, with of course the majority of people we heard from feeling that it was no big deal, perhaps not the BEST choice, but celebrating such a momentous occasion should allow for some leeway.

So, in true bartender style, Glenn entertains us immensely with his thoughts and opinions, while our life coach works to keep him on point and on his best behavior…again. As you’ll see, she had her work cut out for her!

We  would love to hear from you with your thoughts and opinions, not just on this situation, but on the Olympics overall. We enjoyed them, and are sad that they are done…now what to do?

Cheers…The Drink Guy Team