The Magical Liquid

Now being a bartender has allowed me the opportunity to take excessive amounts of time off to do some much needed traveling.

Simply ask and you shall receive, management can always find someone to cover shifts. That’s the beauty of the industry, plenty of bodies to fill in.

Just make sure you bring something back as a thank you for not giving your shifts away permanently.

The Caribbean is definitely my favorite place with it’s “overproof” rum, this stuff is great in any cocktail or alone on the rocks. And, since being in absinthe green fairythe nite life we like to spend our vacations out in the sun on the beach. At least I do anyways.

However, this is about a magical, fluorescent green liquid found throughout Europe, especially eastern Europe. This stuff is not legal everywhere, but if you have anyone going overseas for a visit, make sure they grab a bottle. It’s well worth it.

You guessed it, I’m talking about Absinthe.

Make sure it’s spelled correctly and it say’s infused with “wormwood”. Distilled with “exotic plants”, although still nice, is not the same.

Alcohol percentage varies, the bottle I have in front of me, Hapsberg Absinthe super deluxe is 85%. Most rums, vodkas, gins or otherwise are only 40% with “overproof” being 50-60%.

This will honestly knock your socks, or any other piece of clothing, off. Mix this with water and it honestly looks like milk, or at least my bottle did, but hey after a few I could have been tripping. Please do not do what they show in the movies, while pouring over sugar is great, lighting it on fire is such a waste.

I’ve never seen a warning on a bottle that reads, “Handle With Extreme Caution”, keep cool and away from heat, flames and children. Danger do not drink neat, add water/mixer to taste. Seriously, WTF. On the plus side it is sugar free and contains no carbs.

Please be careful with this stuff though.

Last call is over, your tarbender.
Glenn The Drink Guy
P.S. No I’m not drunk, just seeing if you were paying attention

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