Valentines Day….

So, I just want to know what everyone thinks is the perfect day for Valentines.

I usually work, since it is one of the busiest days of the year in the restaurant/bar industry. I will say I never really understood why. It’s like every cheap, lame or unromantic person in the world uses this day to make up for lost time. Or they use this day especially, to say I still love you. Like it makes up for the rest of the year when you couldn’t say those three words. Don’t get me wrong I will buy a card for Valentines, but to me it isn’t unlike any other day.

Why are holidays, birthdays, mothers or fathers day the only days to go out? If you truly care about someone, show them. Don’t wait till that special day arrives. Anything done out of the ordinary will usually put a smile on someone’s face. Unless it involves the law or some form of trouble. In that case the special days might be the only days you can go visit them. Here is what I would do, and remember it doesn’t have to be valentines. Since it fell on a Sunday this will be a whole day event.

First I would get up and make her breakfast in bed. Some french crepes with strawberries dipped in chocolate, topped off with whip cream. This isn’t about watching her/your weight. To drink, mix a little orange juice with champagne and serve over ice in a tall glass. Nothing with a stem as you are in bed, and spilling isn’t romantic.

Next I would go light the fireplace, set her on the couch and cover her with a light quilt. Give her another glass of champagne, and don’t get her drunk. Then get your ass back in the kitchen and do the dishes. Spend the next few hours in front of the fireplace watching DvD’s that she wants. That might include the classic’s like, The Notebook or any other love story. And trust me she will know a lot more, so suck it up. You might even like them. but no action or thriller. Unless she wants.

Lunch should be something light. Perhaps a spinach salad topped with orange slices. A cup of coffee with some Bailey’s or Kahlua in it. Don’t like coffee, use hot chocolate. Bundle up, if up north, and go for a walk. Maybe ice skating or a walk along the beach if in warmer weather. Don’t forget to HOLD HER HAND.

When you get back set her up in a nice bubble bath, with scented oils and surrounded by candles. Hot tubs work great, just forget the bubbles as you might not find her. Play some soft classical music, and leave her to relax. Off to the kitchen to start dinner. I find that on the romance scale seafood works best, followed by chicken, maybe some pasta if your that skilled, with red meats being on the bottom. Only you know what she likes, so just pick something. Throw in an appetizer, soup and/or salad. Depending on your skill level. Try Chilean Sea Bass, absolutely awesome. Regardless she will love you for trying. Go with a wine she likes, NO BEER. Remember it’s all about her. Don’t forget dessert. Oh and candles at dinner.

End the night with a foot massage, back and neck rub or a temple massage. I would go into more detail, but you get the message.
It’s about her/them or whoever you care about. And not just a few times a year. So suck it up and get to it. Same with the ladies, although I find they do way more than we do.

Cheers, The Drink Guy