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At the Bar at Affiliate Summit

Recently I attended an conference in Las Vegas, yah I know conference in Las Vegas is an oxymoron, but I had a great time. So you are asking what this has to do with the drink guy concept. The point is I spent an evening with a successful internet marketer that turned out to be a person who likes beer. I like beer. So we had fun. If you are interested in her review of the affiliate summit conference in Las Vegas you can read it here. I told her I was a beer connoisseur and alas I was pounding back Miller Genuine Draft.  She called me on it.  So I switched to Newcastle Brown Ale, or as my...

Don’t Cry

“Welcome to “Don’t Cry in Your Beer”…your forum for sharing questions with our expert advisers! If you would sit at your neighborhood bar and ask the question, then you can ask us here! Enjoy the wisdom of Glenn the Bartender, our resident “Drink Guy”…20 years of experience behind the bar, he has seen and heard it all! As well, you will enjoy the wisdom of Lynn the Life Coach…20 years of training and coaching within the personal and professional development industry, speaking and teaching around the world to audiences from 10 to 10 000, and currently authoring a book on...

The Bar Is Open!

Welcome to The Drink Guy! Our humble beginnings will include stories and experiences from Glenn, The Drink Guy himself! Glenn is a 20+ year veteran of the restaurant and bartending industry. He will also share favourite drink recipes, jokes and interesting trivia, beverage recommendations and suggestions for entertaining at home! Of course, that's not all you will get from The Drink Guy! You will be enjoying tips and tricks from our master home brewer, Rob! Be warned, this is not your Dad’s home brew! From around the world men and women alike have fallen in love with Robs homebrew,...
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