Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Neat…..

Kentucky Bourbon

Now I didn’t plan on talking about alcohol tonight, especially not whiskey, but since the restaurant has been slow the last couple days, I really have no good stories to tell. I know Lynn answered an email yesterday about Gin Rickey and seemed to enjoy every minute. Please tell me we haven’t create a monster, but hey, if we can get her to try other drinks all the better.  No more wine for you.  Just kidding, I love wine.

Now generally I’m a Canadian Rye Whiskey drinker, and proud of it. I have tried others, the likes of, Scotch, Irish and Tennessee. However, I always come back to Rye. Until this past weekend, where, thanks to our Brew master I was introduced to Bourbon Whiskey. We won’t say which kind as I would like to sample others for comparison sake. Like most Whiskey’s, Bourbon gets it’s name from it’s place of origin, Bourbon County Kentucky.  This smooth drink sits on the taste buds and warms the insides.  No burning on the way down.

The best way to explore this is to drink it neat, sipping slowly.  You can actually taste the oak and hint of smoke from Even Williams Honey Reserve Bourbon Kentuckythe barrels used for aging.  Try not to use ice, but drink at room temperature, as this dulls the senses.  If you must, add a little water.  There is one of note that I would love to try, Evan Williams Honey Reserve.  Definitely intrigued with that one and since it has honey, maybe our new Drink Girl will try some, that means you Lynn.

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Cheers The Drink Guy

(Well, since our Drink Guy has decided that my one “fill in” post now qualifies me to be the “Drink Girl” lol, I guess I get to drop my two cents in! While I can appreciate that many people absolutely adore whiskey and the like, and with REALLY good bottles will spend more time smelling it than drinking it…well, they just don’t spark my particular taste buds! I will TRY the Honey Reserve, but pretty sure the Drink Guy and the Brewmaster won’t have to share with me! Cheers…Lynn!)