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Fun Stuff from the Bar!!!

Again...there are really no words!

The Pickup Line…..Does it Really Work?

The Pickup line, I've heard them all.  Being a bartender definitely has its privileges.  As I've stated earlier we get to see and hear everything. One such observation, albiet extremely humorous as time passes and more alcohol is consumed, is the mating ritual of the homosapien. The mating ritual generally begins immediately upon entry into the bar.  First off we all need to check out the scene. Don't kid yourself we all do it, guys, girls, bartenders, servers, busboys, doorman, the DJ etc.  Anyone drinking, working or sometimes both, does it. We need to see who's available,...

Fun Stuff from the Bar!!!

With spring in the air and the beautiful weather forecast for this weekend, many people's thoughts turn to outdoor pursuits, such as golf. Just make sure you know the rules, breaking them could create a much higher penalty than you are prepared to pay!!

Fun Stuff from the Bar!!!

Monday Morning Laugh...Why Men Should Not Write Advice Columns! It just seemed an appropriate funny to share given the topic of Episode 9 of The Drink Guy TV and the discussions surrounding Sandra Bullock, Jesse James, and even Tiger Woods! Great advice John! :laugh:

Fun Stuff from the Bar!!!

Enjoy your weekend and drink responsibly! :silly:

Fun Stuff from the Bar!!!

There are no words...

Fun Stuff From the Bar!!!

Clear instructions are vital. :-?

Fun Stuff from the Bar

Do we think someone got in trouble for this?!?!

Fun Stuff from the Bar!!

Now there's a deal! :-P

Pilates for Wine Lovers

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