Hot Drinks

Hot Drinks keep you warm on those cold nights in winter. Can be made with coffee, tea, hot chocolate, steamed milk or if done right just alcohol and hot water.  Use freshly brewed ingredients, no instant.

Originally, Hot Drinks were Flaming Drinks with the flame being extinguished when the coffee was added.

As a variety, try different flavored coffee and tea. Sugared rims, whip cream and a cinnamon stick add a nice touch.
Sorry, don’t forget hot cider.

Served in an Irish Coffee Mug

56 Hot Drinks recipes
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Jamaica Coffee

Italian Coffee 2

Irish Coffee 3

Indian Summer 2

Hot Kiss

Hot Gold

Actually gross when warmed!

Hot Cinnamon Roll

Hot Buttered Wine

Boston Caribbean...

Blue Blazer

Make sure the flame is out before drinking!

American Frog

Hot Tundra Toddy

Pumpkin and Apricot...

Southern Ginger 2

Canadian Tundra

Steaming Bull

Very interesting 'soup'.

Mexican Coffee 2


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