Punch is the term used for an assortment of drinks that falls into the self-serve category.  It’s usually made in advance of party goers and served in bowls, jugs or self-serve dispensers.  With most generally containing fruit or fruit juice.

This certainly doesn’t need to be anything extravagant, but look is important.  It says that you put some time and thought into making a Punch for your guests.

Pick your favorite fruit based drink and multiply by the number of quests you have.  Be inventive and come up with your own to really impress them.  It’s more of a ‘warm up’ for the other drinks to come.

Add lots of fruit for visual appeal, but use fruits that people will eat as the fruit will absorb some of the alcohol.  And keep cool with larger blocks of ice instead of the smaller ice cubes.  They won’t melt as fast.

Serve in a Punch glass or Champagne Flute.

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Champagne Sherbet...

Champagne Punch 2

Champagne Cup Punch

Cardinal Punch

Cape Codder Punch

Brunch Punch

Almost a Bloody Mary!

Brandy Punch

Boom Boom Punch

Apricot Orange Fizz

Pumpkin and Apricot...

Southern Ginger 2

Canadian Tundra

Wassail Bowl

Sangria 2

Regent’s Punch

Negus Punch


Can substitute Vodka for Aquavit.

Claret Punch

Claret Cup

Champagne Sorbet...

Cafe Brulot

Burgundy Punch

Buddha Punch


Punch or shooter? You decide.

Fish House Punch

Egg Nog

Holiday Special!

Cider Cup

Champagne Punch

Bombay Punch

That's one big Punch!!

Apple Annie Fruit...


A drink everyone will love!!

Earth Angel Sangria

For all ages.
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